About us

We are a team of passionate and highly skilled surveyors who specialise in providing quality surveying services for a wide range of projects.

A Firm Trajectory

Trust TopoBUR as your trusted surveying team. We are committed to providing you with accurate data to help you make decisions and achieve success in your projects. Contact us today and find out how we can bring your ideas to life.

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We have a wide range of resources and highly trained professionals that enable us to tackle any type of project. We pride ourselves on our ability to adapt and plan the use of these resources according to the specific needs of each client. This allows us to minimise execution and response times, providing an efficient and timely service.

Our client portfolio includes a variety of sectors, such as construction companies, architectural firms, engineering firms, consultancies, private individuals, real estate companies, law firms and public bodies such as local councils, autonomous communities and courts. We are committed to meeting the demands and expectations of each of our clients, providing customised solutions adapted to their specific needs.

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