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At Topobur, we specialise in providing high quality surveying services for a wide range of projects. Whether you are planning a construction project, land development, infrastructure works or any other initiative that requires accurate and detailed terrain data, we are here to help.

Welcome to Topobur, your trusted company for efficient and quality surveying solutions.

TopoBUR, Gestión del Territorio was born with an innovative profile and with a clear vocation of service, directs its activity both to public entities (city councils, local entities, etc.) and private companies and promoters in the field of engineering and consultancy, developing all kinds of projects, plans, studies and reports, as well as technical advice in decision-making, and support for administrative management.

We ensure that our clients receive the best advice and the most appropriate solution, always offering the best quality at the most competitive prices.

In addition, we have a network of collaborators from different disciplines (civil engineers, architects, agronomists, industrial engineers, archaeologists, etc.), with the aim of providing a wider range of services, carrying out work in the field of building, civil engineering, etc.

receptor gps con espectacular paisaje de montañas al fondo
estacion total de topografia sobre un tripode y tierras de cereal al fondo

Our services

TopoBur, Gestión del Territorio carries out topographical and cartographic work tailored to all kinds of requirements, with the aim of facilitating the analysis and understanding of territorial information.

For this purpose we use the following technical means

  • TOPCON HIPER V GNSS dual-frequency GPS receiver, with FC-500 field controller.
  • TOPCON HIPER PRO GPS receiver.
  • TOPCON OS-103 total station.
  • TOPCON RL-H4C rotating laser level.
  • LEICA DISTO D1 laser distance meter.
  • Surveying aids such as tripods, prisms, mini-prisms, tape measures, etc.
  • Surveying design and application software for field and office equipment.
  • Professional telecommunication equipment
  • Laptops, tablets, mobile phones, etc.

Construction and engineering



Forestry and environmental engineering

Environmental assessment

Clientes satisfechos

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